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It’s easy to ignore those who only access the internet on a mobile device. Been there, done that… We can’t escape the fact that more and more people are using mobile devices (iPads/tablets/smartphones) as their primary search device. We either accept and embrace this, or we close our eyes and…

Here’s a few (mobile-friendly) sites we’re proud to have built recently:

  • Client: Grangewood Plastics
  • Grangewood Plastics viewed across devices
    Grangewood Plastics
  • Principal requirements: Website rebuild…
  • Key features: ‘Masonry’ cascading grid layout – products are placed in optimal position based on available vertical space on your device. The site is crafted by hand – no WordPress, no templates. Just code. It’s beautiful…
  • Notes: What started as a ‘simple’ rebuild has become a beloved project. There was initially no expectation of the client wishing to update the website themselves, nor any likelihood of selling online. Being mobile-friendly was not originally a critical consideration. So it was built by hand. Then the realisation came that it needed to be mobile-friendly. So we rebuilt it. The client then needed an internal search engine. So we built one. We’re looking at the next chapter now…
  • Website: grangewoodplastics.co.uk

  • Client: Romford United Services & Social Club (RUSSC)
  • RUSSC across devices
    Romford United Services Club (RUSSC)
  • Principal requirements: Content Management System (CMS)
  • Key features: Easily-accessible calendar for customers; rolling schedule; PayPal integration
  • Notes: We’d historically built and maintained the RUSSC’s website for many years. One day they told us they’d outsourced it. We asked them, “Why?” They said they wanted to be able to update it themselves. We questioned why they didn’t ask us to build them a CMS site. They said they didn’t know we could do one. We said, “You never asked”. They went elsewhere and suffered a year’s nightmare. So then we built this one…
  • Website: therussc.co.uk

  • Client: DJ Hills
  • DJ Hills across devices
    DJ Hills
  • Principal requirements: Mobile friendly DJ site
  • Key features: Showcase site to advertise services; PayPal integration
  • Notes: Hillary’s original site was ‘sort of’ mobile-friendly, but did’t display well across certain devices – particularly mobile phones. While rebuilding the site, we redesigned the logo and incorporated a new gallery. Something as simple as changing the site’s background colour had a dramatic impact. Although the client didn’t need a Content Management System – we undertake all Hillary’s website management – WordPress was still our chosen platform.
  • Website: djhills.co.uk

  • Client: Wagsters Pet Supplies
  • Wagsters Pet Supplies viewed across devices
    Wagsters Pet Supplies
  • Principal requirements: Promotion of change of ownership of existing business
  • Key features: Creation of new branding image for new venture
  • Notes: Mark acquired an existing business and wanted to give it a complete overhaul; new name, new logo, new direction, etc. We helped him with all aspects of designing the logo, flyers, business cards, promotional photography and – of course – the website. An important requirement was a striking gallery to provide a ‘window-shop’ to the pet stall in Chelmsford Market. We also assisted with print requirements.
  • Website: wagsterspetsupplies.com

  • Client: Hair Beautique
  • Hair Beautique viewed across devices
    Hair Beautique
  • Principal Requirements: Content Management System (CMS) to be updated from an iPhone
  • Key features: Enable client to update solely from iPhone – no other device accessible
  • Notes: This one took some working out. Samantha wanted to be able to update the content of her website and – specifically – the gallery from her iPhone. It was a challenge. We initially built it using Android as a test device, only to find it didn’t work on iPhone. We went back to the drawing board and – it took us a while, but we got there!
  • Website: hairbeautique.co.uk