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If your website is not mobile-device friendly; you’re almost certainly missing out on a growing number of potential customers – and perhaps losing existing ones.

Mobile vs. non-mobile

In April 2015, Google boosted its ranking of mobile-friendly pages on mobile search results. Analytics* confirm that more than half the UK’s entire traffic already comes from mobile devices. [*Source: IBM.]

We’ve been building websites for more than 15 years. When we started, there was little in the way of ‘tools’ – everything was built by hand. This required gathering an in-depth understanding of coding principles; which proved to be a solid building block for the successful business we now operate. The skills we continue to acquire are combined with current tools to produce cost-effective, efficient websites.

Your website should be your shopfront to the local community and (perhaps) beyond. You probably see a multitude of artistically sign-written vans within a short distance of your home/workplace every day and yet, those companies’ websites do not necessarily instil you with the same confidence. You move on and place an order with one of their competitors…

WEBsterSITES can build you a website from scratch, tailored to your requirements. We can explore your current site and completely rebuild/expand it. We can also offer you a ‘remedial update’ to make your existing website ‘mobile-friendly’ and 2020-competitive – for a lot less than you’d think. Be ready for the mobile explosion. We are.